35th Empire State Winter Games

Figure Skating


Beginner Synchronized Skating Group A

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Figure Skating

  Figure skating is a sport which individuals, pairs or groups perform spins, jumps, footwork and other intricate and challenging moves on the ice. In languages other than English, figure skating is usually referred to by a name that translates as “artistic skating”.

Events Offered Click here for 2014 rules, regulations and requirements. 

Individual Events Fees: $80 first event, $70 second event, $55 third event, $45 additional events. Synchronized Skating Teams & Theater on Ice fees are $160 per team, plus an additional $20 per skater.


Senior IJS Free Skate

Senior 6.0 Free Skate

Senior Test Track Free Skate

Junior IJS Free Skate

Junior 6.0 Free Skate

Junior Test Track Free Skate

Novice IJS Free Skate

Novice 6.0 Free Skate

Novice Test Track Free Skate

Intermediate IJS Free Skate

Intermediate 6.0 Free Skate

Intermediate Test Track Free Skate

Juvenile IJS Free Skate 

Juvenile 6.0 Free Skate

Juvenile Test Track Free Skate

Pre-Juvenile Well Balanced Free Skate

Pre-Juvenile Test Track Free Skate

Preliminary Well Balanced Free Skate

Preliminary Test Track Free Skate

Pre-Preliminary Well Balanced Free Skate

Pre-Preliminary Test Track Free Skate

No Test Well Balanced Free Skate

Beginner Test Track Free Skate

Limited Beginner Test Track Free Skate

Senior IJS Short Program 

Senior 6.0 Short Program 

Senior Test Track Short Program 

Junior ISJ Short Program 

Junior 6.0 Short Program 

Junior Test Track Short Program 

Novice IJS Short Program 

Novice 6.0 Short Program

Novice Test Track Short Program

Intermediate IJS Short Program

Intermediate 6.0 Short Program

Intermediate Test Track Short Program

Juvenile Test Track Short Program

International Solo Pattern Dance

Gold Solo Pattern Dance

Pre-Gold Solo Pattern Dance

Silver Solo Pattern Dance

Pre-Silver Solo Pattern Dance

Bronze Solo Pattern Dance

Pre-Bronze Solo Pattern Dance

Preliminary Solo Pattern Dance

Senior Solo Free Dance

Junior Solo Free Dance

Novice Solo Free Dance

Intermediate Solo Free Dance

Juvenile Solo Free Dance

Senior Moves in the Field

Junior Moves n the Field

Novice Moves in the Field

Intermediate Moves in the Field

Juvenile Moves in the Field

Pre-Juvenile Moves in the Field

Preliminary Moves in the Field

Pre-Preliminary Moves in the Field

Senior Pairs Free Skate

Senior Pairs Short Program

Junior Pairs Free Skate

Junior Pairs Short Program

Novice Pairs Free Skate

Novice Pairs Short Program

Intermediate Pairs Free Skate

Intermediate Pairs Short Program

Juvenile Pairs Free Skate

Pre-Juvenile Pairs Free Skate


Please download the waiver to bring with you to registration if you are under 18.


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