Brooklyn Children's Theater Debuts Anthem

Brooklyn Musicians to Sing at ESWG Opening Ceremony

Twelve members of the Brooklyn Children’s Theater will debut Empire State Winter Games’ new anthem during 2018 Opening Ceremony.

The 38th Empire State Winter Games will kick off on Thursday, February 1 with an electrifying Opening Ceremony in Lake Placid’s famous Herb Brooks Arena. In addition to the Parade of Athletes and high-flying trampoline demonstrations, 12 members of the Brooklyn Children’s Theater are teaming up with Nik and the Nice Guys to debut the new ESWG anthem.

The Brooklyn Children’s Theater brings over 1,000 students from various neighborhoods of NYC together through music. A variety of programs serve children from first grade through their senior year of high school and beyond. Diverse both in terms of ethnicity and economic status, these children learn and grow from each other.

 “[Musical theater is a] unique art form where, much like sports, students push themselves farther than even they knew they could go,” said Amy Graves, Founder of the Brooklyn Children’s Theater. “And, like a sports team, they must work together.”

The twelve students performing at the 2018 Empire State Winter Games range in age from 5th grade to alumni who now work for the after school programs. This is a unique opportunity for many of these students, some of whom rarely get a chance to travel outside of New York City.

“We’re grateful for this opportunity,” said Graves. “It’s such a gift to work together with these kids and then travel and see something new – and to see other kids from across the state participate in what they do best.”

Amy Graves started the Brooklyn Children’s Theater (BCT) 14 years ago when her daughter expressed an interest in musical theater and it became clear that opportunities for youth participation were lacking. The non-profit program now puts on over 30 shows a year, many of which they write themselves. With a strong focus on inclusion, BCT works with family shelters to provide scholarships to low income students. 70% of the program’s students participate for free thanks to donations.

Students began preparing “Ever Higher (Excelsior)”, shortly after the New Year. The anthem, with music written by Lawrence Rush and lyrics by Eric Granger, is the first of its kind for the Empire State Winter Games. Get a front row seat for the debut performance by attending the 2018 ESWG Opening Ceremony, free and open to the public, at 6 p.m. on Thursday, February 1.