Winter Bike - NOTICE

Winter Bike Competition Race Course - Resident and Business Notice

Empire State Winter Games

Winter Bike Competition

Saturday, Feb. 3, 2018


Thank you in advance for your support of the 38th Empire State Winter Games. Nearly 2,500 athletes will be competing in 30 simultaneous competitions, with one of the highlights being the Winter Bike competition. 

Starting at the ESWG Village (Municipal Parking Lot) on Main Street in Lake Placid, cyclists will travel north on Main Street in the southbound lane, turning left on Marcy Road and climbing the length of the road to Hillcrest Avenue. They will turn left on Hillcrest Avenue in the northbound lane and left again on Highland Place, crossing over onto the property of the old La Veranda restaurant and riding down an off-road course to the EWSG Village parking lot to repeat the circuit. The number of laps completed will vary dependent upon the age group/skill levels of riders.

Come out to encourage the riders and enjoy the day!  For further info visit

Main Street – Closed between the Lake Placid Village Parking lot entrance across from the post office and Marcy Road. While the race will just use the southbound lane, the northbound lane is reserved for emergency vehicles and some local traffic. Noon – 3:00pm

Marcy Road – Closed in both directions. Local traffic should take caution and only travel uphill. No downhill traffic permitted. Noon – 3p.m.

Hillcrest Avenue – Closed southbound from Marcy Road to Highland Place. Noon – 3 p.m.

Highland Place – Closed in both directions. Any emergency travel permitted will be southbound only. Noon – 3 p.m.

Olympic Drive – No closures anticipated.

Alternate Routes (noon-3 pm)

*For Northbound/Westbound through traffic on Main Street - Head south on Parkside Drive (right after the Post Office), left on Mirror Lake Drive to arrive at the northern end of Main Street Turn right to access Rt. 86/Saranac Avenue for westbound travel.

*For Northbound traffic from the west – Make left off Saranac Avenue/Rt 86 to Mirror Lake Drive and left at Northwood Road.  At the end of Northwood Road make a left onto Rt 86/Wilmington Road.

*For Southbound traffic from the west – Off Saranac Avenue/Rt 86, make a left on Mirror Lake Drive. Travel to the end of Mirror Lake Drive, turning left on Main Street.  Travel to the 2nd traffic light and turn right to join Rt. 73 south.

*For Westbound traffic from the south – Turn right at the intersection of Main Street and Mirror Lake Drive.  Travel around Mirror Lake to the Saranac Avenue/Rt 86/Main Street intersection and turn right to head west on Rt. 86.

*For Northbound traffic on Hillcrest Avenue between Olympic Drive and Oneida Avenue –  Turn west on Cummins Road, north on Wesvalley Road and travel east/right on Oneida Avenue to the top/Hillcrest Avenue. Turn on Hillcrest Avenue for local traffic.