Adaptive Alpine Registration


  • Mixing Bowl Race: $30 - Saturday
  • Lower Valley Race: $40 - Saturday
  • Lower Valley Race: $40 - Sunday  

Races will be held on Mixing Bowl for beginners and Lower Valley for more experienced athletes.

Adaptive Alpine Races

  • Mixing Bowl Race: Beginner Slope, assisted competitors
  • Lower Valley Races: Intermediate Slope, non-assisted competitors

Note: Helmets are mandatory for all athletes.

Fee includes ESWG entry, Opening Ceremony Parade of Athletes participation, and athlete participation jacket.

Contact Hadley Driscoll at New York Ski Educational Foundation (NYSEF) for additonal information at (518) 946-7001 Ext. 23/ 

IPC Races will be held in accordance with the USSA Golden Race, international paralympic committee (IPC) License required.

In the disability classification section below, please choose from the following classifications when registering:

  • Visually Impaired: B1; B2; B3
  • Standing: L1; L2; L3-1; L 3-2; L4; L5/7-1; L-5/7-2; L5/7-3; L6/8-1; L6/8-2; L9-1; L9-2
  • Sitting: L10-1; L12-2; L10-2; L11; L12-1
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