Adaptive Cross-Country Skiing

Cross-country skiing is a winter sport in which participants propel themselves across snow-covered terrain using skis and poles. Cross-country skiing is also the method of locomotion in the combination sport of biathlon, which adds rifle marksmanship to skiing. Another combination sport is ski-orienteering, which adds the skill of map navigation along snow trails and tracks. CRNA XC events are planned for fun with every person succeeding through personal accomplishment. XC Skiing is for anyone as CRNA has equipment for both those who can stand as well as those with spinal cord impairment. XC Skiing is done year-round with Roller skis and sitskis on Mt boards in the summer….all on skis in the summer. When the snow isn’t falling, CRNA holds a variety of roller ski events, walks/runs keeping people moving throughout the year.  For further information on adaptive sports, please contact the sports director, Jean Brennan, at


Sunday, February 3

  • Cross-Country Sprint – 10 a.m. – Mt Van Hoevenberg Biathlon Stadium

*All schedules are subject to change

Registration Fees

  • Student: $45
  • Master: $70 
Mt. Van Hoevenburg Biathlon Venue

Qualification Requirements

Impairments of mobility and vision. Amputations, spinal cord, and visual impairments are most common. Neurologic conditions that are stable will be included. Classification may be performed to determine safety in both sports

Sanctioning Body

United States Paralympic Nordic

Entry Divisions

All are ages 12 and above.

  • Youth: 12-16
  • Junior: 17-20 
  • Senior: 21-35
  • Master: 35+

Para Nordic instruction Friday, Feb. 3, ParaNordic event over Saturday and Sunday to give athletes a rest between days.


Governed by IPCN and IBU

Registration Deadline 

With the exception of alpine skiing (and any others we determine for some reason) registration will end at least one week prior to the Games.