Bobsled is similar to racing cars, only it’s on ice and there’s only one sled on course at a time. There are three disciplines in bobsled: men’s two-man bobsled, women’s bobsled and men’s four-man bobsled.

Women's and two-man sleds include a pilot and a brakeman. For the four-man there are four athletes: a driver who steers the bobsled down the track, two crewmen who help push the sled at the beginning of the race, and a brakeman who pulls the brakes and stops the sled at the end of the race. The brakeman and push athletes act as the engine at the start, and have the important job of giving the sled velocity from the top. These athletes must then gracefully load into the sled and ride as relaxed as possible in a bent position to keep the sled in balance and aerodynamic. 

The pilot holds onto D-rings that pull ropes connected to the runners to steer the sled down the track. If the pilot pulls on the right D-ring, the sled will steer right and vice versa. 

Bobsled athletes come from diverse athletic backgrounds such as football, track and field, soccer and softball and they must be strong, powerful and fast in order to propel the heavy sled off the starting block.

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  • Sunday, Feb. 5: Junior Bobsled ESG Race. 3 to 6 p.m. at the Mount Van Hoevenberg Sliding Center in Lake Placid, NY.

Deadline for registration is Monday, Jan. 30 at 3 pm

Registration fees are non-refundable. In the event of a medical or family emergency a refund may be given. A refund request must be made in writing to be considered.

For 2017, due to logistical equipment considertions, there will be no Adaptive Bobled competition.