Due to COVID, we are unable to host an e-sports tournament at the 2022 Games. We're are looking forward to hosting it again in 2023. 



Collegiate Team: Invitation Only 

Smash Bros Open: $20

Madden 2020 Open: $20

Registrants will receive an athlete jacket and are eligible to walk in the opening ceremony. 

PRIZES (from 2020)

Super Smash Bros & Madden 

1st Place - $300 

2nd Place - $200 

3rd Place - $100 

Overwatch Invitation Only Collegiate Tournament 

$2,000 Grand Prize 


There are no refunds of entry fees. While registering please double check the dates of competition and qualification requirements needed to compete. In the case of a medical emergency, depending on the circumstances, a refund MAY be considered.

Any refund requests must be made in writing and sent to: Bethany Valenze Sport Director, ESWG, 2608 Main Street, Lake Placid, NY 1294