Speed and aerodynamics define the sport of luge. Sliding feet first down an icy track, athletes look to shave off every hundredth of a second they can. Keeping their bodies as relaxed as possible as they shoot down the 20 curve, 1,455 meter track, lugers engage their core and steer the sled with simple leg pressure on the runners or shoulder pressure on the sled. Four disciplines make up a Luge competition: Men’s Singles, Women’s Singles, Doubles, and Team Relay.

Slide your way to glory. USA Luge hosts multiple slider search programs throughout the year to look for future Team USA athletes.

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Saturday, February 2

  • 9:00 - 12:30 p.m. – Mt Van Hoevenberg Sliding Center
    • Youth A/B Men/Youth A/B Women /Youth Open/Masters/Novice Youth 

There will be two training runs and a third race run.

*All schedules are subject to change


Scholastic: $45

Masters: $70



  • Juniors: 19-20
  • Youth A: 15-18
  • Youth B: 13-14
  • Novice Youth: 9-13
  • General Class: 19+
  • Masters: 30+

All athletes must be cleared by our coaches from their start a week before the games in order to race.