Nordic Combined

Fly through the air and glide through the forest. Nordic combined pairs two physically challenging events into one soaring competition. Awing spectators, this high flying sport is divided into four separate genres: Individual, Mass Start, Sprint, and Hurricane Sprint. Jumpers first soar through the air in a high-flying long jump, recording distances upwards of 800ft. The winner of the jumping competition then starts the subsequent cross country ski race at 00:00:00 while all other athletes start with time disadvantages according to their jumping score.  

For those looking to break into the world of Nordic combined, the US Ski & Snowboard Association (USSA) provides athletes with training programs, services, and competitions across the country.

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Saturday, February 2
  • Nordic Combined/XC – 3:30 p.m. – Mt Vanhoevenberg OR Olympic Jumping Complex

*All schedules are subject to change

Please contact Colin Delaney - - to confirm training schedule


Scholastic: $50

Masters: $75


Individual: The most common Nordic combined race is the individual race, also known as the Individual Gundersen. Competitors start with scored jumps and then, based on the points of their score, start the cross country race with an equivalent time deficit. 

Mass start: In the mass start event, the cross-country race is held first. The winner of that event receives 120 points, others have 15 points subtracted for each minute they finish behind the leader. No style points are awarded during the ski jump event, but jumpers receive fewer points for falling or failing to make a Telemark landing. The winner of this event is determined on a points-based system.

Sprint: In the sprint event, only one jump is performed and the cross-country distance is reduced to 7.5 km.

Hurricane Sprint: Recently, a newer form of Nordic competition called "hurricane sprint" was introduced. It is similar to the sprint and uses the Gundersen method, but is based on extra distance instead of extra time. The cross country race distance is still 7.5 km, but only the highest scoring contestant from the ski jumping event runs that distance. Everyone else starts a given distance behind, based on their ski jumping scores.