Speed Skating

We are unable to host speedskating in the 2022 Empire State Winter Games. We are looking forward to having all of our athletes back in 2023! 



Power and precision make short track and long track speedskating one of the fastest sports on ice. Short Track competitors will compete on an Olympic-sized ice rink (200ft x 100ft) in distances ranging from 222m – 1,500m.Top Athletes can pull up to 4 g’s on the turns, making this a thrilling spectator sport. Long Track competitors will compete outdoors in smaller groups on the Olympic Skating Rink where, during the 1980 Olympics, Eric Heiden won a historic five individual gold medals. Long Track distances range from 500m - 3,000m.

Looking to increase your speed? US Speedskating (USS) offers athletes a large network of clubs and clinics to get involved with. Beginners can speed through the system, representing their local club on the way to local, regional, or national success.

For more information on Speedskating, contact Tom Miller at speedskating@eswgames.com.



Scholastic: $50

Open: $75

Masters: $75


There are no refunds of entry fees. While registering please double check the dates of competition and qualification requirements needed to compete. In the case of a medical emergency, depending on the circumstances, a refund MAY be considered.

Any refund requests must be made in writing and sent to: Bethany Valenze Sport Director, ESWG, 2608 Main Street, Lake Placid, NY 12946