Winter Bike

$5,000 in prize money! Fat tire bikes are not required to compete.

Entry Fees

  • Open   :  $70 any number of events
  • 40+      :  $70 any number of events
  • 15 - 17 :  $70 any number of events
  • 14 and under: $45 per event


Friday, Feb. 3

Cross Country: Whiteface Mt. 
Training: 10 a.m.
Race: 1 p.m.

Saturday, Feb. 4

Bike Cross: Whiteface Mt.
Training: 10 a.m.
Race: 1 p.m.

Sunday, Feb. 5

Bike Enduro: Whiteface Mt.
Training: 11 a.m.
Race: 2 p.m.

Rental bikes

On site rental bikes will be available through High Peaks Cyclery all three racing days for $20 a day per athlete. Those renting bikes can also demo the course after each race. The cross-country service road will be open for riding all day Saturday. 








1) Profile:

The start/finish line will be located between the top of the Mixing Bowl area and the bottom of the Wolf Trail. The ride will ascend single track first, assuming conditions are appropriate, before merging with a service road that goes to the top of the Wolf Trail. The total ascent is 400 vertical feet.

The ride will then descend down the gondola cut to the right edge of the Wolf Trail and back to the start/finish area. The total loop length is 1.6 miles. 

Rider classes will ride the following lengths, assuming weather and conditions are suitable:

  • U14: two laps
  • U18: six laps
  • Open: six laps
  • 40+: six laps

The details

The start/finish of the cross-country course will be below the tree island near the base of the Mixing Bowl area beginner hill at Whiteface Mountain. The course will begin with a single track ascent up the skier's right of Mixing Bowl before connecting with a service road and continuing on toward the top of Wolf Run. At the top of the ascent, the cross-country trail will begin to descend either down the gondola cut onto Wolf Run before merging with lower Wolf and riding to the start finish area.

We’ll try to adjust the lap count and course to make sure the total race time for Open Category is approximately one hour.

2) Categories:

  • U14:  2 laps
  • U18:  6 laps
  • Open: 6 laps
  • 40+: 6 laps

3) Warm-up:

Riders will be allowed to ride on the course between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Some other highlights worth considering are:

Bike Cross

Bike Cross will include the same classes as listed above. It will be a four man drop gate start, with the first two riders across the finish line to move on to the next round. 
The course is 0.75 mile in length and descends roughly 400 vertical feet. There will be numerous terrain features and, in places, air time.

The course will be very fun, and it will require fast pedaling to be competitive.

Bike Enduro

Bike Enduro will follow the Cross Country course for roughly 0.5 mile before turning on a short single track and then onto Wolf Run, where the course will join the bottom two thirds of the Bike Cross course. As with cross-country, the intention is for the Open Class riders to ride for approximately 40 minutes and will therefore likely include five or six laps. The winner will be the first rider to complete all the laps in succession from a group start.

All three events will be fun and fast with plenty of adrenaline, but without any significant risk of injury. For your entry, you will receive an Empire State Winter Games athlete jacket from Yeti. The jacket is soft-shell, wind- and water-resistant, and non-insulated.